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For all your advertising needs, contact the Courier at 780-594-5206. 


National Advertising Rates

Click here to see our Newspaper Media Kit with National Advertising Rates in pdf format.

Local Businesses please contact our office for special incentive rates at (780) 594-5206.

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Publication Schedule

Ads should be booked the Wednesday prior to publication.

Click here to see our detailed publication schedule in pdf format. 

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Frequency Discounts

Cut your costs, while maximizing your exposure, with a package specially tailored for frequent clients. Discounts ranging from 5 percent – 20 percent off regular rates are available for consistent advertising, on a short-term or long-term basis. With a minimum commitment of just four issues, it’s easy to start saving today.

Short-Term Agreement

Ads must run on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

4-11 issues: Save 5%

12-23 issues: Save 10%

Long-Term Agreement

Ads must run on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

24-52 issues: Save 20%

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Terms of Payment

Published rates do not include GST. We accept VISA, MC, cheques, or debit.

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 Military Personnel:


 Reserve Personnel:


 Civilian Personnel:


 Total Employees:


 Annual Payroll:

 $ 150 MILLION

Direct your marketing message through our internal publications delivered to the DND community in Cold Lake.

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Mechanical Requirements

6 Column Format, 10.25” by 15.5”

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Electronic Delivery And Requirements

The Courier Newspaper is electronically paginated and request that all camera-ready advertisements be provided digitally.

Acceptable material can be received via email at thecourier@telus.net.

The Courier is PC format using programs such as InDesign and Photoshop CS3. PDF files, tiff files, and jpeg files are acceptable. If using software programs, please be aware of the following: All ads should be exact size, and make sure that all the graphic elements and fonts are included in the document. 

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Colour Advertising

CMYK Printing Process. Please note that it is not possible to accurately match Pantone Colour using CMYK Process on newsprint.

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Advertisement Corrections

On the first day that your ad appears, check for errors or omissions. Allowance will be made for only ONE incorrect insertion. Corrections will only be made before the second insertion. The advertiser agrees that the Courier and its staff shall not be liable for losses and/or damages arising out of errors or omissions in advertisements whether such errors or omissions are due to negligence or otherwise and there shall be no liability for non-insertion of any advertisement.

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Acceptability Standards

The Courier will not knowingly publish any advertisement that is illegal, misleading, or offensive to its readers. The Courier reserves the right to classify all advertisements. All advertising copy is subject to the editor’s approval. The Courier is not responsible for the products and/or services advertised. Readers should exercise proper judgement with the content.

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Notice to Advertisers

The HUMAN RIGHTS CODE prohibits discrimination because of race, gender, marital status, age, creed, colour, nationality, ancestry, or place of origin. In compliance with this code, the Courier reserves the right to make necessary changes to advertising copy or to refuse publication thereof.

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