Wall of Sound

Summer is here and itís time to get out and hit the circuit to enjoy some live music. Though youíre not likely to find many local venues where you can sit in the sun and enjoy some tunes, Canada Day, K-Days, and the upcoming Toby Keith concert should help to heat up your summer.

Bif Naked is slated to headline the Canada Day celebrations at Kinosoo Beach. Those who were born in the 1980s will remember listening to her music, including such hits as I Love Myself Today and Spaceman.

If thatís not enough to get you excited, the roster during the 10 days of K-Days in Edmonton includes Sam Roberts Band, Uncle Kracker, Corb Lund, Alan Doyle and The Beautiful Gypsies, April Wine, Alessia Cara, and the Glorious Sons. K-Days has the gamut covered for all your musical needs. PSP has a bus going down on July 29, check out page 5 for all the details.

And itís not summer if youíre not drinking out of red Solo cups. Toby Keith takes the Imperial Oil Place stage at the Cold Lake Energy Centre July 14, touring his latest works.

Though I was passionate about music as a kid, I never really embraced live music. I was always content to buy the DVD and watch a concert from the comfort of my own home, or buy a CD and crank the stereo. It wasnít until I saw the Barenaked Ladies that I realized what I was missing.

Iím sure many of you will chuckle at that last line. But sitting in Casino Ramaís concert area I was amazed at the sound, the thump of the bass, and the pounding of the bass drum, compounded by the bandís onstage antics and banter with the audience Ė a human element you just donít get when listening to a CD.

I am sold on live music, and I encourage everyone to get out and make the most of the short season we have. Support your local artists, enjoy some tunes, spend some quality time with friends and family, and most importantly make some great memories.

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