From the Editor’s Desk

This is nuts. Not only do I have a fantastic job where I get to meet fascinating people and share their stories, but they pay me to do it – and they even make me take holidays!

The Courier is shutting down for its annual two-week summer hiatus. I typically spend this time pacing the floor, literally busting to share some news with you. And I imagine you, dear reader, will find this brief separation as hard as I will.

But as they say, all work and no play makes Jeff a dull boy. I have a little trip planned and I expect to spend some time biking and paddling around Cold Lake.

When The Courier hits the newsstands again on July 18, we will have a new up-to-date look. The new design will reflect our place in Cold Lake’s RCAF community, with some tweaks to make the pages more attractive and the information easier to read.

Here’s where we offer a tip o’ the hat to our friends at the CFB Esquimalt Lookout, who helped us out with the design.

Watch for a new website, too. Our site, currently at, will be updated to reflect the paper’s new look, and to make stories, columns, features and ads more accessible to you. We’ll publish the new address when we’re ready to launch. Our old coal-burning steam-powered website has served us well, but I’m sure you’ll notice the improvement.

The paper will look so different, you might not recognize it. Take a sneak peek at The Courier’s new “flag” (that’s old-time newspaper talk) below – that’ll be us in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for reading, and for your feedback. Thanks also to our advertisers, who reach out to 4 Wing members through our pages. We’re looking forward to getting back to work, rested and refreshed, July 18.


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