Community Council Makes a Difference

The 4 Wing Community Council (CC) is gearing up for a busy summer.

The CC works to promote a positive community environment for the well-being of 4 Wing Cold Lake residents. The council includes ward councillors for each residential housing unit (RHU) neighbourhood and single quarters, and representatives from each unit on base.

Ward councillors represent the residents in their area at CC meetings. Unit representatives are responsible for spreading information about CC initiatives within their units. The Wing CWO, representatives from PSP, the Military Police, CFHA, Wing Construction and Engineering (WCE), Wing Chaplains, and the MFRC sit in on CC meetings in advisory roles.

The CC is excited about its summer projects and can always use more helping hands. Here are some of the projects:

4 Wing Community Garden: The garden, behind Building 48, is in use from May to October. Plots are available for a $20 deposit which is refunded if you clean your plot at the end of the season. You can secure your garden plot at Col JJ Parr Sports Centre reception desk. Last year pumpkins grown in the garden were used for the Halloween decorating contest.

Block Parties and Spring Barbecues: Do you want to get to know your neighbours a little better? Contact your ward councillor at least two weeks before you’d like to set up an RHU neighbourhood barbecue.

Base Beautification: In conjunction with the Recreation Department’s “June is Recreation Month” activities, the CC will provide one or two plants each to RHU residents. The CC also works year round with partners like WCE to help keep the community, including playgrounds, in good condition. If you spot something in your neighbourhood you would like fixed, please bring it to the attention of your ward councillor.

Big Stuff Roundup: The Big Stuff Roundup is June 9 to 14. To improve the aesthetics of the RHUs, 4 Wing will remove, free of charge to RHU residents, certain types of garbage and accumulated waste. Residents may put used items at curbside, and people can help themselves to these unwanted items. Please identify the condition of appliances with a sign (e.g. “works great but needs a new belt”, or “U/S”). 4 Wing personnel will remove all remaining items at the end of the Roundup period.

The Wing cleanup crew will not pick up any hazardous materials such as paints, oils, filters, batteries, propane tanks, etc.

Green Thumb Awards: In late August, we will judge RHU and unit building landscaping and award prizes to the winners.

4 Wing Event Barbecues: The CC will host a barbecue after the 4 Wing FOD Walk in May.

Dog Parks: There is a dog park behind Martineau. Work is underway to establish the old ball diamond in Mackenzie as an official dog park. More volunteers are needed to maintain the parks and to ensure users are keeping the areas clean and picking up after their dogs.

Do you have an idea that could improve life on 4 Wing? The Community Council wants to hear it! If you want to start a project in your neighborhood or volunteer for an existing project, please contact your ward councillor. If you get a good idea at work, please get in touch with your unit representatives.

There are vacancies for ward councillors for single quarters and Mackenzie, and unit representatives for 401 and 419 Squadrons. Contact Sgt Gramlich,, if you’re interested.





Cpl Taylor Forrest,

Cold Lake South

WO Dean Price,

Cold Lake North

Cpl Timothy Hammond,

Single Quarters

MCpl Paul Love,


MCpl Klubi,

Cpl Christie,


MCpl Hynes,

Pte Bryson,


Cpl Palmer,




Cpl Balasevicius


MCpl Graham

Cpl Sidhu

Avr Mikulec


Avr Serebro

10 FTTS Rep

MCpl Baguidy

410 Sqn

WO Dean Price


WO Crowell

42 Radar

Avr Pottage

409 Sqn

Cpl Samms,

Avr Dhaliwal

22 CFHS/Dental

Capt Ingar


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