4 Wing Buy and Sell Lot Is Open

Do you have a vehicle for sale? The 4 Wing Buy & Sell Lot is now open to owners wanting to sell cars, trucks and recreational vehicles, including trailers and boats. The lot is located in the parking lot east of the Wing Theatre, in the gravel area.

To place an item on the Vehicle Buy and Sell Lot owners must come in person to the MFRC Front Reception where they will register the vehicle and receive a numbered sign. All vehicles must display appropriate sign or they will be subject to towing.

Owners must pay a $5 deposit and will be asked to provide proof of insurance and vehicle registration. The lot is open to all 4 Wing Defence Team members: full-time public servants, NPF employees, Regular or Reserve Force members or contractors working on base.

Once the vehicle is sold, or when the season ends on September 30, owners must return their numbered sign to be eligible for the $5 refund. All vehicles that have not been sold must be removed from the lot. Refunds will be given in the first week of October.

For more information, contact the MFRC Front Reception at 780-594-6006.


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