Wing Charities-Sponsored Yard Sale Raises $270

4 Wing Charities Committee is pleased with the results of its second annual yard sale June 3.

“We would like to thank all volunteers, vendors and buyers who made the yard sale a success,” said deputy charities officer WO Pat Schwindt. The barbecued hot dogs and burgers available from 11 Military Police Flight personnel in support of the Military Police Fund for Blind Children added to the event.

Nineteen vendors rented 26 tables, adding $270.00 to the Wing Charities coffers.

“All concerned, please accept a huge thank you from the 4 Wing Charities Committee,” WO Schwindt said. “You made it the success it was and we look forward to seeing you at our third annual yard sale next year.”

Wing Charities-Sponsored Yard Sale Raises $270

Military Police operated a barbeque with proceeds to the Fund for Blind Children. (Photo by Capt Riaz Ingar)

Wing Charities-Sponsored Yard Sale Raises $270

Some of the vendors from the Wing Charities yard sale. (Photo by Capt Riaz Ingar)


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